The science behind car buying - engaging with as many dealerships as possible. Revinventing the way we buy cars

Vanity Roofing

Vanity roofing is an emerging company filling the niche in Ottawa, serving both quality and value

John Ha Magic

Magic is like giving someone a gift; when it’s done right, it can be a truly memorable and remarkable experience


Tomo has set the new standard for venues in Ottawa; creating long-lasting memories and a feeling of friendship for everyone.

Fantasy Spa

“The Fantasy Spa experience” - Offering Ottawa’s finest spa and esthetics experience with the highest quality products and services

Metro Tow Trucks

The first company to design, fabricate and built affordable tow trucks and trailers in the chinese market

Snowsuit Fund

An Ottawa-based charity that raises funds for the purchase and distribution of snowsuits to needy children


Fresh from the butcher shop onto the fire grill. The food is pure , fresh, and flavourful, by local farmers who care about quality and their environment

Hall of Cards - Jim Watson

Completing this production included writing scripts, scouting out the perfect locations and making sure everything was just right


Ottawa's first tech based escape room to provide real life simulations that will leave you feeling fascinated and enticed.

Carte Blanche

Started out as a spa, Carte Blanche took the initiative to create a night life in the urban east end of Ottawa

St-Cyr Contracting

A vision to showcase class and luxury to their business that was too often seen as messy and careless